For Families

Join me every Saturday at 2-3pm for a live art tutorial on a famous artist or art movement with art history, fun art stories, techniques and a pop quiz. The whole family from 3 years -103 years are welcome to take part. Its a great way to connect, have fun and relax.

£7 per family, per computer via Zoom (link will be provided once booking is made).

Can’t make Saturdays? No problem, you can receive the tutorial to watch in your own time. Just sign up using the booking link above and you’ll be sent the video a couple of days after the live session.

Get your art kit and have everything you need to be an artist!
Paper, Canvas, Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels, Acrylic Paint, Watercolour Tin, Watercolour Pencils, Brushes, grab an old mug and recycle a fruit/veg tray to use as a pallet!


16 January, 2-3pm

We’ll be exploring the theme of animal illustrations with this fox painting. I initially intended for it to be a gouache art lesson, however, am now thinking watercolour pencils would be better! Let’s do it…

What you’ll need:
– A computer screen
– A circular object for the inner and outer circles (one for the wreath and one for the fox)
– Thick surface such as watercolour paper
– Pencil and eraser
– Watercolour pencils (or whatever you have lying around the house is fine too)
– Water pot
– A set of soft brushes
– Tissues/paper towel