These multi-award winning Art Clubs are for children aged 4-11 years old and are held in schools and public venues. Clubs are fun and interactive with clear learning objectives designed to develop important skills such as colour, shade, line, shape, form, tone & space. Children work with qualified artists and artist grade materials which support students in their creative development. No, you wont find poster paint here!

Coronavirus Policy:
Children will have access to their own set of pre-cleaned materials to avoid sharing. To avoid congestion in the art space please remain outside for drop off and collections. Equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each session and children will have access to soap and water and hand sanitiser. 



We can’t wait to start the school year with a project based on famous artist, Franz Marc. We’ll be drawing and painting a variety of animals using watercolour paints and pencils, whilst uncovering the intriguing life of Franz. Animals include land, sea and air species (we don’t want to give away too many secrets!). Art work will be created on artist quality A2 paper.

Reference image credited to Franz Marc

Missed class policy: We provide 2 weekly catch-up classes for any missed sessions. Get in touch to book yours. 



Can’t make it to art club? Try the online tutorials where your children can access a range of quality art tutorials in their own time and from their own home. For those who are looking for ways of introducing creative time to their children’s lives Iv created a programme of tutorials ranging from quick 30 minute exercises to 1 hour projects. Iv covered every medium from watercolour to oil paint. Iv also covered different budgets with both expensive and cheaper materials. There really is something for everyone! Try it FREE for a month and see if it’s for you. Happy painting xx

What they say about Arty Amber

  • “My son has been attending the art class at his school and I can’t believe the artwork he’s been doing! He can’t wait to go each week, he just loves it!”

    Joanna Mills, mum of Tyler (8 years)

  • “My children took part in the school holiday programme at their school, its so nice to have art as a proper option for them, they thoroughly enjoyed it, we’ll be back for more”

    Georgie Sansom, mum of Chloe & Mia (6 & 8 years)

  • “Art class is so good for the children, my son has enjoyed it so much and has produced something I never thought he would produce”

    Caroline Tuey, mum of Ben (8 years)

  • “Thanks for providing this art club. Nathan absolutely loves this club and his drawings are always amazing”

    Eli Rainbow, father of Nathan (5 years)