The Arty Amber Art Awards

Firstly, congratulations on your commitment to your child’s art education. Art Award is a wonderful achievement for young people and the best thing about it is that its non-competitive. Art Award is for 7-10 year olds and 11-15 year olds who want to take art that extra step further and be challenged. It helps young people to grow artistically whilst gaining awards for their progress. Spaces are strictly limited!

Courses are held at the Herts Bowls Club on Bellmount Wood Avenue WD17 3BT on Tuesdays during term time.

Coronavirus Policy:
Seating will be spaced apart and each child will have access to their own set of materials to avoid sharing, where possible. To avoid congestion in the art space please remain outside for drop off and collections. Soap and water or hand sanitiser will be available.

Mini Monets 7-10 year olds
5-6pm, Tuesday 11 January – 8 February

Students will complete 5 hours of tuition + less than 30 mins homework per week. Homework is fun and simple! In class they will research, create and explore, building a beautiful portfolio of completed art works. The theme for this term is ‘Self Portrait’ and your teachers are the amazing Gina and Helen!

You can expect your child to study a range of different artists and art techniques, creating some small and large sketches and paintings to help them create a large final artwork in their chosen style.

They must complete the project to achieve their art award.


Discoverers 11-15 year olds
5-6.30pm, Tuesday 11 January – 8 December

Students will complete 7.5 hours of tuition. They will research, create and explore, building a portfolio of small and large art works. The theme for this term is ‘Comic Characters’

You can expect your child to study a couple of different drawings mediums and lots of techniques to help them create a large final art work in their chosen style.

They must be able to show advancement in the course to achieve the award.


What they say about Arty Amber

  • “My son has been attending the art class at his school and I can’t believe the artwork he’s been doing! He can’t wait to go each week, he just loves it!”

    Joanna Mills, mum of Tyler (8 years)

  • “My children took part in the school holiday programme at their school, its so nice to have art as a proper option for them, they thoroughly enjoyed it, we’ll be back for more”

    Georgie Sansom, mum of Chloe & Mia (6 & 8 years)

  • “Art class is so good for the children, my son has enjoyed it so much and has produced something I never thought he would produce”

    Caroline Tuey, mum of Ben (8 years)

  • “Thanks for providing this art club. Nathan absolutely loves this club and his drawings are always amazing”

    Eli Rainbow, father of Nathan (5 years)